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Social Security can only be solvent when the rich are subject to the tax at 100% of their earnings, just like the rest of us are (the 99%).

Healthcare Op-Ed By F. Scott Sinclair and More...in Case You Missed Them.


An agnostic's view of the democracy cult 

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The following healthcare Op-Ed is: Copyright (C) 2012 by F. Scott Sinclair. All Rights Reserved.

And how do we provide health care without bankrupting the country, aggravating the unemployment problem, and destroying consumerism as we know it? It's actually quite simple... How's that.. Eliminate all health care premiums. Yes, that's right, and for both employers, employees and the general public. How in the hell can you do that? A national health care vat or sales tax, that's how. And if you don't want to participate, you just don't have to buy that 50 inch Plasma TV you've always wanted, but couldn't afford before (but can now), or anything else for that matter. That's up to you. But I can tell you, with one-sixth of the U.S. economy (dollar-wise) freed up to buy things, health care becomes affordable almost instantly. Sure, you can buy supplemental insurance from private companies if you want to, but a national plan that's sponsored by the government, and/or the private sector (or a combo thereof) is free to all in a sense. Yes, it's another tax, but the money freed up from the elimination of premiums (for both businesses and employees and everyone else) such freed-up money (from the elimination of premiums) far exceeds any sales tax (or vat tax) you'll have to pay. That's right, everyone (which includes premiums paid by employers) would free-up on average about $15,000 per person per year. Now that's an economic stimulus par excellence if I've ever heard of one. And you in turn get something for your money: a new car, a big screen TV, a cruise around the world, new home, boat, or whatever you want in the form of a moderate sales or vat tax. Or if you're frugal, don't buy anything; hence, no health vat or sales tax needs to be paid whatsoever. And of course, nobody pays such a health tax on essentials like food, gas, etc. What do businesses or individuals get for their premiums nowadays? Most get nothing at all. Sure, some get a lot, but that's not the case for most people. You give insurance companies 10 or 15 thousand dollars per year to fatten the lining of their (the fat-cats) pockets, for nothing. Why nothing.. Because in most cases, you're responsible for co-pays and deductibles besides your outrageous monthly (yearly) premiums. Currently, you're in a lose-lose proposition. They (the insurance companies) are betting you won't get sick, and you're paying an inflated (enormous amount) monthly premium that says you're betting that you'll get sick. It's kind of like Las Vegas, the Casino has stacked the odds against you. In the end, you'll lose your money (bet). But if businesses (and you) aren't burdened with monthly premiums, it's a win-win proposition. This way businesses can hire more people because they don't have the burden of health care (premiums) forced upon them (or upon you as well). And likewise by having more people employed, the economy is resuscitated. When people have an extra 10 to 20 thousand in their pockets (and not in the greedy hands of the insurance companies & their flunkies: lobbyists), the economy thrives...generating new revenues, jobs and manufacturing opportunities, allowing everyone to prosper, not just the rich or businesses. Insurance companies are sucking the well dry of dollars and cents. A specific tax as mentioned above could only be used for healthcare purposes. In my opinion, the problem regarding health care (and our economy) could be solved in one fell swoop--or something of the sort. Take care, my friends. Best wishes. May God bless America. Sincerely, novelist F. Scott Sinclair



Glenn GreenwaldThe Goal Of The U.S. Government Is To Eliminate ALL Privacy Globally!" 

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An Op-Ed Comment by F. Scott Sinclair Regarding the Article Entitled: The Election March of the Trolls by Chris Hedges

August 30, 2011 at 7:58pm


The following Op-Ed comment wasn't posted in its entirety. So, here's the complete comment: Copyright (C) 2011 by F. Scott Sinclair. All rights reserved.

I believe Gerald Celente would agree...up the ante one more step. And what might that be...? Direct Democracy: that which I touch upon in many of my novels. Who's Gerald Celente? Well, my friends, he's a modern man, in modern times-- a sage of sorts: a contemporary financial genius with a large spot of common sense thrown in. Between Mike Whitney and Gerald Celente: in my opinion--and that's all it is--are to me, two financial souls...who--through the simple act of opening their eyes (no biased tunnel vision that I can perceive because the facts are on their side)--can predict the future: accurately. Nobody is perfect, but these two guys seem to get it right much of the time. And Chris Hedges has unveiled the necessary strategy to return America to its foundations without overtly stating what that strategy is; but just the same, he has implied what strategy is needed (in my opinion), and that's: Direct Democracy...! at the federal level of government. Pure and simple. If we're considered responsible enough to vote these turkey's (politicians) into positions of power, we should be able to skip that step and vote on the issues and bills ourselves (electronically, etc.)! Let our legislators have the same kind of vote as we (ourselves) have now, when we vote for them: one person, one vote. Do away with the middleman (or middlewoman), that's the intent here. But let them be useful in another way: allow them to be our teachers, professors, lecturers, etc. Nothing more... Nothing more, or less. Lobbyists would and should be barred from the halls of Congress. Hence, with Direct Democracy, our individual vote will be as powerful collectively as their single vote is currently. Once the umbilical cord of power, greed, and self-aggrandizement is gone, lobbyists are gone, political parties become PTA members (or better yet--pun intended--advocates of the Better Business Bureau) for the common good: America can welcome back the Land of the Free and equal opportunity for all, not just the well-connected--at last. When citizens have the facts, they usually make the right decisions. C'mon, pick up Chris Hedges implied challenge. Use the political system against itself. But not through disobedience, rather through the power of our individual votes via a Constitutional Amendment raising the Initiative and Referendum process to the federal level. We must return our democracy to the People, not the lobbyists, politicians and their party affiliation, elitists, corporations, law enforcement, the military-industrial complex, etc. Good luck...! Nuff said. Back to my seashell. Later.


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World War 1 All Over Again? By Paul Craig Roberts


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Whatever Washington says is truth. Whatever Washington does is legal, in accordance with both domestic and international law.