Friday, July 24, 2009

Health Care is Already Rationed in America...! Why is that?


Copyright (C) 2009 by F. Scott Sinclair. All Rights Reserved.


Because as the pundits have rattled the airwaves with their vitriolic

remarks about not having enough doctors, facilities, etc. to handle

another 47 million Americans; hence, they've managed to make

the argument for a government plan in the process. In other

words, medical care is only available to some no matter what

plan(s) are eventually adopted (whether that's a government

plan or collective private plans, or a combo thereof):

those with means and privilege don't like to be inconvenienced,

and that translates into rationing. Or in this case scenario, at

least 47 million Americans must be shut out of the health care

system in order not to inconvenience those who have paid the

full price of admission to the health care club in America. Because

even if the 47 million uninsured had enough money to buy

into the exclusive medical insurance club, there still wouldn't

be enough doctors or resources to handle them. So, only people

who can afford the most expensive care available can join the

club that is governed by the marketplace's theory of supply and

demand (or in this case, scarcity--whether intended, contrived,

or not). Those who are unemployed, and those who are uninsured

for other reasons, are considered to be collateral damage:

acceptable and necessary losses; just like a 4 or 5 percent annual

unemployment rate is acceptable and considered normal to any

healthy economic system. This is nothing more than pure greed

and selfishness, another arrow in the casket of the middle-class

and below. An acceptable aberration and deviation from the norm

of a smooth running, profitable health care system. Such callousness

will eventually take its toll when those marginalized awaken in a

cold sweat some August night. Time waits for no man...or woman.

May God show his mercy upon thee: all of us, and may our

Congress person's show wisdom in bringing this life and death

matter to a successful conclusion. Amen.