Thursday, March 11, 2010

This is what health care should look like, in a nutshell.


Copyright (C) 2010 by Novelist F. Scott Sinclair. All Rights Reserved.

The Health Care Fiasco

Are you upset about the deficits, the spending, the unemployment rate, health care, etc.? Well, you're not the only one. So, let's have a look.

President Obama wants to lead the nation in another direction. That's all right if you're hell-bent on financially, destroying our country, not to mention our current health care system: the envy of the world.

How do we create a health care system that allows coverage for all, where preexisting conditions are automatically covered, tort reform is introduced, no caps on benefits, spurs competition, and lots more?

It's simple.

How's that...?

Create a new VAT tax, or a national health tax.

You're kiddin' me, right?

Nope. Just "find an acceptable percentage" that pays for the total cost of health care.

But that's not fair...!

Think again, the health care VAT tax would cover premiums for every citizen. Thus, the poor, those in-between, and the rich alike would pay the 1% to 5% (+ or-) VAT tax on all purchases that would cover all premiums. You choose your provider, the government pays the premiums from health care VAT tax. Why continue soaking the rich, the middle-class, businesses (corporations to small businesses), governments (federal, state, local), or individuals, etc. with ever soaring premium costs. The government, businesses, NGO's, etc. would sit down to negotiate how much yearly premiums should be with private insurance companies. And all of the premiums would be paid out of the health care VAT trust fund, as I mentioned above.

Poor people would pay far less because their purchasing power is limited, and the rich would pay their fair share because they have unlimited purchasing power. Anyone who doesn't want to contribute, then they simply don't buy anything. They may starve in the process, but that's their right because food shouldn't be exempt from the tax. Those who can afford caviar, so be it. And those who can only buy beans, so be it. But both receive the same quality health care. That doesn't mean that a rich person can't seek out the best doctor's in the world at their own expense. They can, but the least among us will also receive excellent care.

Medical travel would be encouraged to reduce health care costs. What...? Yup, because the cost of health care overseas is in many cases equal to or better than Americans can receive stateside. Only approved hospitals, which should have a couple of overseers (Americans) who certify the authenticity of claims, approve the cost of services, etc. would be covered under the plan. Travel to and from such locations, would be borne by the patient.

How does this plan help the economy? That's easy. Small businesses, corporations like GM, etc. wouldn't have to pay for health care for their employees which takes a very big burden off their shoulders, a burden that bankrupted GM. Remember, GM paid around $1,500 per car for insurance for each of their employees and retirees. In addition, the health care VAT tax would help our exports by making our goods more price competitive overseas by reducing health care costs which automatically reduces the COGS (the cost of goods sold) of our exports.

What about the unemployment problem? No problem. With more money in each Americans pocket every month because they no longer are on the hook for outrageous health care premiums, they'll have more money to spend. When folks have more money to spend, that creates demand: hence, jobs. And with more doctors needed, as well as nurses, physician assistants, etc., good paying technical jobs will be needed which will also help reduce the rolls of the unemployed.

It's a win-win proposition.

If a moron like me can come up with a half-assed plan like this: what are the geniuses in Congress waiting for...? Or for that matter, what's the excuse of the Harvard trained folks at the helm? I'm a moron, that's my excuse for not implementing this plan. What's their excuse, the geniuses running the show, tell me that?

Nuff said. I'm just trying to help. Take care.


Novelist F. Scott Sinclair