Monday, December 13, 2010

The Decline and Fall of the American Empire


The Decline and Fall of the American Empire :
Information Clearing House: ICH

By Alfred W. McCoy

"The Nation" - - A soft landing for America 40 years from now?
Don’t bet on it. The demise of the United States as the global
superpower could come far more quickly than anyone imagines.
If Washington is dreaming of 2040 or 2050 as the end of the
American Century, a more realistic assessment of domestic and
global trends suggests that in 2025, just 15 years from now, it
could all be over except for the shouting.


Keith Olbermann: Obama Turned his Back on his Base

Video Special Comment

To paraphrase Churchill, again, let me begin by saying the
most unpopular and most unwelcome thing: "that we have
sustained a defeat without a war, the consequences of which
will travel far with us along our road. Continue


Most Americans "Are Ignorant": Zbigniew Brzezinski

By Spiegel

I am very worried that most Americans are close to total
ignorance about the world. They are ignorant. That is an
unhealthy condition in a country in which foreign policy
has to be endorsed by the people if it is to be pursued.


The Korean War, Part 2

By Mike Whitney

The Obama administration is moving closer to a
war with North Korea. Continue


Espionage Act: How the Government Can Engage
in Serious Aggression Against the People of the United States

By Naomi Wolf

This week, Senators Joe Lieberman and Dianne
Feinstein engaged in acts of serious aggression
against their own constituents, and the American
people in general. Continue


Op-Ed/Commentary by F. Scott Sinclair.

Copyright (C) 2010 by F. Scott Sinclair. All Rights Reserved.

This truly is scary stuff..., believe me. What we should all
fear--or must be aware of--is the concept of Herd Mentality.
We'll act like Lemmings walking off a cliff if we're programmed
to do so. But it ain't over until the fat lady sings, and don't
forget that! You may not agree with Glenn Beck, but his
insights and foresights are uncanny, to the point of making
any normal person want to live in the mountains, store food
like a chipmuck, or a squirrel, bolting their doors and windows
shut, posting "No Trespassing" signs everywhere. I don't
believe sport shops have enough ammo in stock to pacify
their customers fears. What's happening to America?
Where is this all leading? I think, Glenn Beck, knows the
answer to that question, I'm afraid. But it's true... There's
one thing I know for sure: nobody else is addressing these
issues head-on like Glenn Beck. And I mean that: nobody!
Glenn is the Lone Ranger, and the only fellow on the block
with a lick of sense both "common" and "otherwise." Good
luck because we're all going to need it, my fellow Americans,
because America is in real dire straits: like never before.
Take care.


Truth is the Greatest Enemy of the State.

By Paul Craig Roberts

Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, former assistant
Secretary to the US Treasury, talk about
the WikiLeaks. Max asks Dr. Roberts about
what he thinks of what is happening to
WikiLeaks story. Click to view


Post Mortem for the world's "Reserve Currency"

By Mike Whitney

The dollar's days as reserve currency
may be coming to an end, but it won't be
because China decided to jettison its pile
of US Treasuries. Continue


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