Saturday, March 12, 2011

NPR Interview: Neil Diamond Enters the Music Hall of Fame with "Solitary Man"

A splendid NPR interview (music & all) with a superb
singer and songwriter: Neil Diamond.

Click here: An interview with Neil Diamond on NPR with his music to go along with the discussion:http://goo.gl/EAJt8


Video: Tsunami Destroying Town in Under 7 Minutes


Amateur footage demonstrates the frightening speed with which Friday's tsunami destroyed the city of Kesennuma, Japan. Continue


Bank of America Document Leaks Allege Insurance Scams
At one minute past midnight on Monday morning, a hacker collective released a set of emails on the website BankofAmericaSuck. Continue


Our Time of Universal Deceit Needs An Orwell

By Paul Craig Roberts
“Support the troops” originated in the public relations department of the military/security complex. What “support the troops” really means is to support the profits of the armaments industry and the neoconservative ideology of US world hegemony. Continue

Power Concedes Nothing Without a Demand

By Chris Hedges

The liberal class has busied itself with the toothless pursuits of inclusiveness, multiculturalism, identity politics and tolerance—a word Martin Luther King never used—and forgotten about justice.Continue


What Happened to Our Dream of Freedom 
We Will Force You to be Free

Must watch - Video By Adam Curtis - BBC 2
The programme suggested that following the path of negative liberty to its logical conclusions, as governments have done in the West for the past 50 years, resulted in a society without meaning populated only by selfish automatons, and that there was some value in positive liberty in that it allowed people to strive to better themselves. Continue


Take a sneak peek at F. Scott's latest published novel 


Late Night Political Jokes - Late Night Jokes Updated Daily 




I highly recommend this true story: a powerful read about those
who risk their lives to save downed fighter pilots and others, shot-down
by the enemy during the Vietnam War. Actually, it's a truly awesome
story of the secret war in Laos.

First Flight Across the Fence!


Mad As Hell ...

A video clip from the movie: Network