Sunday, May 22, 2011

NPR : National Public Radio


NPR : National Public Radio

By Ed Ward


Truth Mirrors Fiction In Pakistan's 'Bloodmoney'


Does ‘merika have a culture?

By Paul Craig Roberts
Independent thought is not a concept with which very many Americans are familiar or comfortable.Continue


There's no way out for Greece 

By Mike Whitney

If Greece goes under, then it could take Portugal, Ireland and (perhaps) Spain along with it.Continue


Global Financial Crisis


Max Keiser interviews Dr, Paul Craig Roberts. Continue


Killing Our Way To Defeat 
Obama's Private Killing Machine

By Frontline - PBS

They're known as "JSOC" -- Joint Special Operations Command. They report directly to the president and, "operate worldwide based on the legal (or extra-legal) premises of classified presidential directive." John Nagl, a former counterinsurgency adviser to Gen. Petraeus, described JSOC's kill/capture campaign to FRONTLINE as "an almost industrial-scale counterterrorism killing machine Continue



May 22, 2011
Obama's Speech to AIPAC 

Text & Video

America’s commitment to Israel’s security also flows from a deeper place —and that’s the values we share. Continue


Rainbow Pie 

By Morris Berman

Because he realized that the U.S. was the greatest snow job of all time. He likened the place to a hologram, in which everyone in the country was trapped inside, with no knowledge that the world (U.S. included) was not what U.S. government propaganda, or just everyday cultural propaganda, said it was. Continue

It's a terrific video, that it is... Take a look...!



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Bill O'Reilly Flips Out.