Monday, July 02, 2012

Time to Get Crazy By Chris Hedges



Time to Get Crazy By Chris Hedges

Op-Ed By F. Scott Sinclair. Copyright (C) 2012 by F. Scott Sinclair. All Rights Reserved.

A fascinating article about our handler--chief liar, and yes... overseer-er of us all; our revered so-called servant--Uncle Sam. From the Indians (the only true native Americans) to soldiers who are told to die for freedom and liberty to college students and healthcare serfs that we've all become, we're not free as we've been told from cradle to the grave. How can we be free if we live in a country of laws...? That's crazy! Law & order doesn't equal freedom, now does it? Oppression and bondage equals law and order...not freedom ='s law & order. If law and order does truly equal (=) freedom, then I should get a refund from the college I attended because the class I took on philosophy covering ethics, logic, etc. never conveyed that such logic was true and correct. A course in basic Algebra proves that law & order does not equal freedom. Why not...? Because it's an inequality...! Any idiot knows that... That's right, an inequality is quite the opposite of an equation, I'm afraid. Why do they educate the sheeple: us, anyway? To make us unhappy at the fake world of reality that permeates our existence? I read a book in college that was entitled: How to lie with statistics. I don't remember being told to read a book entitled: How to lie with propaganda. Heaven forbid, we should ever be told the truth about anything. There's nothing wrong with America: only the people in it. I rest my case...